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Import - Export and Online Wholesale for Glass Vases, Design Ceramics and Interior Decoration.
Large Flower Pots, High Vases, Planters and Bowls, Decoration items and Florist articles.
Hello, and welcome to 4florist.co.uk We are a leading Import - Export and Wholesale company since 1969. 4florist is specialized in exclusive and decorative glassware, ceramics and earthenware, decoration items, gifts, home accessories, and florist articles, 4florist offers you a large assortment of clear and coloured glass, on our site You will find exclusive and decorative glass vases in various sizes and models, such as rectangular, square, cylindrical, conical or round in classic and modern glass forms include Glass cube vases, Glass flower vases, Glass cylinder vases, Conical glass vases, Glass fish bowl vases, Martini, wine and cocktail centrepiece glass vases for weddings, Glass hurricane vases and glass bowls etc. Also, 4florist offers you a large assortment of handcrafted design ceramics in trendy colours for interior decoration such as small and large flower pots, Ceramic flower vases, Large and high ceramic vases for planting, Ceramic plant pots and ceramic plant bowls for interior decoration. Articles of metal, zinc and decorative items of wood, etc. Florist articles, gift articles and home accessories. 4florist creates a new collection every year that matches the latest trends and colours. 4florist supply to florists, garden centres, interior designers, wedding, party and events decorators, catering companies, catering, hotels and trade fair planners, (We deliver throughout Europe) gift shops, furniture stores, interior and home accessories stores. Companies and institutions, etc.
4florist is a wholesaler and does not directly supply private individuals, B2B only

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