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Terms & Conditions

Subject to the terms of delivery is to regulate the contractual terms of all contracts 4florist.co.uk (a project of ''Den Hartog Keramiek / 4florist'') the provider "4florist" with the users of the online stores, "you", through the online store closed. The term "4florist" or "provider" or "our" or "we" refers to the owner of the website whose registered office statutory establishment in IJsselstein in the Netherlands. Our company registration number is 30081049  KvK. Utrecht, The term "you" or "user" refers to the user or visitor to our website. In any case, the only valid overall trading conditions apply of the time of application.

1. Come about of the contract.

1.1 The provider of the On-line-Stores is not binding. With the clicking of the order Buttons explain the user obligatorily opposite the provider to want to acquire the contents of the shopping cart. The contract passes declaration of the user after sending the order form to the provider. That declaration reaches the provider immediately after clicking the order Buttons. With these the contract came about.

2. Information duty.

2.1 The user is committed to give truthful data with the order. If data of the customer change, in particular name, address, and email address is obligated the user to communicate to the provider this change immediately by e-mail at admin@4florist.co.uk or with fax.

2.2 If the user omits this information or if it indicates of the beginning on wrong data, in particular a wrong e-mail address, then the provider, as far as a contract came, can withdraw from the contract. The resignation is explained in writing. Writing has been also managed by sending an e-mail.

2.3 The provider sends to the customer immediately after conclusion of the contract an e-mail with the customer information to the e-mail address indicated for the order of the user.

2.4 The defectiveness of the data one assumes, if to the user arranged e-mail returns three times one behind the other, or the achievement due to incorrect address not to be furnished can.

3. Prices and VAT. (Value Added Tax)

3.1 All the prices indicated on our web pages are net wholesale prices, by piece and also by packing unit (VE) in Euro. Exclusive VAT. and shipping cost, all the prices apply at the time of the order.

3.2 If special offers should apply only to a certain period, then to the period of the special campaign one refers clearly. Special offers and offers are valid so long the articles are in stock. Intermediate sale reserve.

3.3 Please Note - Your order amount is exclusive VAT. and shipping cost. With indication of your VAT. identification number we do not charge VAT. If the client should not have a valid VAT-Id-Nr. we are obliged by the Dutch tax low to compute the Dutch VAT (21%) separately.

4. Privacy Statement.

4, 1 We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect about you to process orders. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others.

4.2 When registering you may opt to receive regular newsletters, marketing information, special offers and website updates from us. If you wish to receive these without ordering please register anyway. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter or promotional materials you may opt-out of receiving these communications by contacting us through e-mail.

5. Supply of the goods, contribution of services.

5.1 All orders are automatically worked on, however at the latest on the working day following on it after its entrance with the offered.

5.2 With the dispossession of the goods to the transport company the offered has accomplished its service and proceeds risk on to the user.

5.3 The services have been immediately provided compared with the user, as far as no other agreements are met. If the service is to be furnished not over the Internet, and is not discoverable the user under the address indicated by it, then the user comes into delay with the acceptance of the achievement. And the provider has the right the developed by delivery costs on to the user to recover.

5.4 The provider needs no longer to furnish the promised service and can withdraw from the contract, if the user were not to be found twice one behind the other despite written agreement of a date.

5.5 The provider does not provide the agreed service at the agreed time, than the user himself can withdraw of the contract.

5.6 The provider reserves himself the right in the case of not available Article is to provide an equivalent Article in quality and price of certain Article.

5.7 If a replacement of in price and qualitatively equivalent Article is not possible, then can the provider separate of the contract and does not need the promised supply at completion. The provider commits himself in this case to inform the user immediately about the unavailability of Articles.

5.8 The paragraphs applies only, if the provider the unavailability of the promised Articles or service not too represented and opposite the user did not guarantee the supply or achievement contribution.

6. Minimum Order Value and Shipping costs

6.1 Netherlands
There is a minimum order value for the Netherlands of  250,00 Euro excl. VAT. and Shipping costs. Unfortunately orders under this amount are for cost reasons not processed or shipped. Please see for shipping costs and zoning for the Netherlands or any other EU country "Shipping cost EU" on this website.

6.2 All other EU Countries -
There is a minimum order value for all other EU countries of 350, 00 Euro excl. VAT. and Shipping costs, Unfortunately orders under this amount are for cost reasons not processed or shipped. Please see for shipping costs and zoning for United Kingdom or any other EU country "Shipping cost EU" on this website.

6.3 Minimum shipping cost:
The minimum shipping cost per order is the price for 1 pallet, the maximum value of goods on a pallet (width x length: 80 cm. x 120 cm. Loading height: 200 cm. weight about 400 kg.) is about 500 to 750 euro's per pallet. (Depending on the size of the ordered items)

7. Order / Packing units.

7.1 Articles are available only in the respectively given packing units. Smaller quantity to mix cannot be ordered. If you would like to order articles from our assortment, then you can make your order directly on this website. Naturally you can send us also a fax with the necessary order data.

8. Packing costs.

8.1 The provider carries the costs of standard packing, packaging requirements of the customer, after consultation and agreement with the user.

9. Dispatch of Samples.

9.1 The dispatch of Samples is not possible!

10. Payment of the invoice.

10.1 The purchase price or the compensation is immediately due, as far as nothing different one is agreed upon.

10.2 Prepayment for all orders and supplies. After receiving our invoice by E-mail the total amount of the invoice has to be deposited to our bank account via International bank transfer. When the money is on our account, your order will be send.

10.3 For cancelled or refused orders or payment: A restocking fee of 20% of the invoice value will be charge on the user.  In connection with billing and the preparation of the order and the unpacking and set back again in stock of the goods etc.. etc..

11. Qualities / descriptions.

11.1 The qualities of our goods are, so far not differing mentioned, commercial quality, i.e., Articles identically to florist market quality. Articles are mentioned like in respective descriptions. With specification, colours or other characteristics measured are these than to be approximately always regarded. With our article illustrations all possible decorations, to the articles, are not different if this is not indicated differently.

12. Errors & Damage Goods / Goods Returned / Returning Consignments.

12.1 The user is obliged to check the received goods immediately for obvious errors or damage. If he or she finds an obvious error, he or she has to report this immediately to the deliverer driver and write a note of the damage on the delivery receipt before you sign it. And send the vendors a copy of the delivery receipt and if possible with an image of the errors or damage within 3 working days via email. If he or she fails to do so, he or she can make not any warranty claims more because of these errors or damage or any other claims against the seller.

12.2 Return of goods is not possible. Justified complaints only in writing by fax or e-mail, announced until 3 working days after receiving the goods. A well founded complaint we will handled it as quickly as possible and resolved. Returned shipments only will be accepted with our approval.

13. Reservation of ownership.

13.1 The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the purchase price to the provider.

14. Appropriate right.

14.1 On all agreements with the provider exclusively the Dutch law applies.

15. Deviating conditions of the customer.

15.1 In case the customer uses own general terms & conditions, which deviate substantive from these general terms & conditions, exclusively the general terms & conditions of the provider apply.

16. All possible question.

16.1 If you have any question, suggestion or remarks send us an E-mail. T. +31 30,638 62 16 / F. +31 30,638 62 17 / M. +31 6 50 40 17 90 / E-Mail  info@4florist.co.uk

17. Printing Errors.

17.1 For any printing errors on our web pages we do not take any adhesion.

18. 4florist is a wholesaler and does not supply directly to private individuals, Only B2B

4florist.co.uk Team