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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ's)

4florist.co.uk is a project of ''Den Hartog Keramiek / 4florist'' a leading import - export company and wholesale trade since 1969, specializing in Glassware, Ceramics, Florist sundries, Giftware, Home accessories, Decoration and Trend articles. And much, much more!

Can anyone buy at 4florist?
No, 4florist is an importer, exporter and wholesaler that deliver exclusively to shops, companies and institutions.

4florist is a wholesaler and does not supply directly to private individuals, Only B2B

Can any business buy at 4florist?
Yes, in principle, any registered company or organization can buy at 4florist. We supply among other florists, garden centres, interior designers, wedding, event and exhibition planners ''Europe wide delivery'' gift shops, furniture stores, interior design shops, hotels, restaurants, caterers and institutions, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I am a wholesale merchant. May I purchase products from 4florist?
Certainly. For more information, please contact our Sales Department by email at sales@4florist.co.uk

Do I require a Login to make purchases at 4florist?
No, you only need a VAT. Identification No. and If the client should not have these, we are for taxation obligated to compute the Dutch VAT of 21% separately.

Is there a 4florist catalogue?
No, 4florist offers no catalogue, due to the amount of new items we receive on a monthly basis and the speed in which we change our catalogue online, we do not have a printed catalogue, however, it is best to visit our website from time to time and click on the 'Product range' links.

I'm looking for a specific product that not appears on your website. Does that mean 4florist does not sales it?
If you cannot find the product you are looking for on the website, please contact our Sales Department by email for help.

May I pick up my order at 4florist?
Sorry, this is in generally not possible.
We have outsourced our warehousing and transport. And only for very large orders we can make exceptions.

Can I see the product range at 4florist?
Unfortunately we have no showroom or representatives, we are a 100% internet business and our storage and transportation is outsourced.

Is there a minimum order amount at 4florist?
Yes, There is a minimum order value for the Netherlands of 250,00 Euro excluding VAT. and Shipping cost.
Unfortunately, orders below this amount are for cost reasons not processed or delivered.

All other EU Countries:
There is a minimum order value for all other EU countries of 350,00 Euro excluding VAT. and Shipping cost.
Unfortunately, orders below this amount are for cost reasons not processed or delivered.

What is the shipping cost if I ordered something?
Please see for shipping cost and zone classification for all EU countries “Shipping cost EU “ on our website.

How does 4florist handle VAT?
Nearly every product is subject to the higher VAT rate. All companies based in the Netherlands must pay VAT. If your company is based in another EU country than the Netherlands, we require your VAT number.  4florist is legally required to have the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration verify certain business information using your VAT number.

For this reason, it is essential that, you use the name and address known to your local tax authorities as this information is linked to your VAT number. We can complete the registration process once we have received approval from the tax authorities.

Please note that we are not permitted by law to exclude VAT from invoices without the approval of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. In that case, we must charge 21% VAT.

Please note that the VAT is calculated by law, cannot be credited, however, you may request a refund of value added tax to the Dutch tax authorities:

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
Department of Non-domestic Matters
PO Box 2865
6401 DJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at info@4florist.co.uk

4florist.co.uk Team.